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After 25+ years as a certified electrologist, Barbara is as enthusiastic as ever about helping people look and feel their best. Understanding the individual needs of each person seeking treatment is a crucial part of her business.

When she was inspired to enter the world of electrolysis in the late 1980s, she had three skills which she saw as the key to her success. The first, her aesthetic sensibility, was refined by having worked in her family's cosmetic business as a make-up artist, which came naturally to her, having painted portraits as a hobby since childhood.

The second skill, attention to detail, was honed through eighteen years as a successful textile designer. Doing precision design work on millimeter graph paper was great practice for her work on hair follicles with the intricate multiple-needle modality.

Finally, the third element is one that can't be taught, but which Barbara simply feels blessed with: an abundance of compassion and sensitivity. These days, when new claims are made almost monthly about the so-called newest and/or fastest methods of hair removal, she remains even more committed to her chosen profession. Barbara firmly believes that there is no such thing as a "quick fix" that you don't end up paying for later.

A comprehensive consultation is given at the time of the first appointment. If hair has been manipulated, or if there are indications of an underlying condition which may still be contributing to hair production, Barbara helps people understand that permanent hair removal takes time -- but once a follicle is destroyed, it never produces another hair.

As you can see from her clients' testimonials, Barbara has made a difference in people's lives by getting rid of their excess hair once and for all.

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