Barbara Leibowitz Electrolysis is New York City’s premier Hair Removal Center providing PERMANENT hair removal services for all skin colors, hair types, genders and ages. Established in 1989 by Barbara, our Board Certified electrologists have been providing exceptional services for 30 years. Barbara Leibowitz Electrolysis takes pride in the individual care, attention to detail and quick but precise service provided to clients in a private and safe space with discretion.

FDA recognizes Electrolysis as the ONLY permanent Hair Removal method over Laser or Photoepilation. The modern Galvanic method is gentle to the skin, comfortable for the client and consistently achieves effective results.

Why Choose Us?

Serving Since 1989
Board Certified
Strict Sterilization Procedures
Safe & Permanent Results
Referred by Physicians
Specializing in Difficult Cases

Proud Member of:

American Electrology Association
New York Electrolysis Association


Tweezing = Temporary
Laser = Reduction
Electrolysis = Permanency




  • Every individual is unique and Barbara treats each client as such. This isn’t like those spa-associated hair removal treatments that don’t work very well or for very long. Barbara’s method works, period.

    Ursula B.

  • There’s only one way to get permanent, and I mean permanent, hair removal, and that’s the galvanic method practiced by Barbara Leibowitz. I wasted time and money with laser and other so-called electrolysis systems but they don’t really work. Barbara is a brilliant professional and gives every client the individualized attention that is so necessary for good results.

    Anne M.

  • Great lady! Haven’t been there in awhile but if you want truly PERMANENT removal, this is the way to go. The area I had treated was over 5 years ago and I have not had ANY regrowth. Laser hair removal is just not permanent. This is.

    Olga H., Bronx, New York