The Modern Galvanic Method

Electrolysis is the only FDA approved hair removal method that can claim to be permanent. FDA decrees that Laser hair removal may no longer advertise as permanent removal but only permanent reduction.

Successful hair removal requires the lower two-thirds of the hair follicle be treated to prevent growth. Unlike most other methods including laser and Photoelilation that use heat to burn the hair follicle, the Multiple Needle Modern Galvanic Method gently alters the pH of the tissue.

Electrolysis thus offers a more comfortable, effective and PERMANENT method of unwanted hair removal. Duration of treatment varies from person to person, depending on hair growth, density and any underlying conditions like hormonal changes that may be effecting hair growth. An in-person consultation will help determine the course and duration of treatment. However, once a hair follicle is destroyed, it never grows back! Electrolysis will help you lead a hassle-free, zero-maintenance skin regime.