Does electrolysis work on areas that have been tweezed, waxed or lasered?
Is electrolysis safe to use on the breasts?
Is one session enough?
Is electrolysis painful?
How will I look afterward?
Is my hair growth normal?
Do men have abnormal hair growth?
Can it be effective for darker skin?

Does electrolysis work on areas that have been tweezed, waxed or lasered?
Yes. The method works on all types of hair and all parts of the body regardless of what treatment(s) has happened.

Can it be used on the breasts?
Yes. The computer precisely regulates a comfortable low dosage of current, which reaches down the full length of the hair follicle.

Is one session enough?
Usually no. The skin has many hair follicles, but not all of them are active at the same time. Some may be resting while some may be producing hair. Eventually active follicles slow down, cease growing and revert to a resting state. They may remain inactive for many months with the dead hair (club hair) remaining hanging in the follicle opening (up to 12 months). Eventually this club hair sheds, leaving no evidence of a viable follicle just under the surface. Meanwhile, those follicles that were previously resting become active and commence growing hair. This continuously alternating process is called the Hair Growth Cycle. We can only treat hair that is visible on the surface of the skin. We must wait for the alternate hairs to appear before we can treat them. For this reason, it is advised that the treatment be extended over a 4 month period or longer.

Is it painful?
Although electrolysis is not without sensation, the Galvanic method uses a smooth (DC) current that most people find quite comfortable. Certain areas of the body may be more sensitive than others, but the treatment is comfortable enough to extend over several hours.

How will my skin look and feel after the treatment?
There may be some localized redness which will dissipate in approximately half an hour. There are products and techniques to conceal or even out the redness quickly, so you can go about your business without feeling conscious.

Is superfluous hair normal, or do I have a disease?
A few stray hairs are are not unusual and completely normal. However, hormonal changes may cause excessive unwanted hair in women. These imbalances are typically temporary and observed during puberty, pregnancy or menopause. However it may also be due to a serious, more long term problem. In such cases, a physician’s advice is recommended.

Do men have abnormal hair growth?
Often, as men mature, they experience hair growth that they find undesirable – such as thicker longer eyebrows, increased chest and back hair, or long dark hairs on the ears. This is quite normal and attributable to heredity.

Can it be effective on darker skin?
Yes. Unlike laser, electrolysis works irrespective of skin color. Clients with darker skin who are not able to use laser, can effectively have unwanted hair removed permanently through electrolysis.

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